TIA Creatives

The beauty and power of working with the very best practitioners .. Flyer design by Sophie Kurs

Mountain Biking

siblings take to the mountain biking opportunity at Delamere Forest

Turn it Around  Mentoring session with new group this eve.jpg.jpg.jpg.jpg such lovely young people,

Post dinner , a visit to Everton View for Bootle teens ..

Feedback from teens

Encouraging feedback ...

Time out for yoga

Taking time out of film making to relax with yoga at Toxteth TV

Turn it Around at 66 Stanley Rd

the launch of our shop premises .. Piloting Youth work from a shop front in Bootle .

Christmas eve tea with the co  founders of TIA .

Supporting the Peer Mentors at christmas time .

Tea time with reading group

It is the simplest things ... a cup of tea and a chat after reading group ...

Turn it Around -Tree ..

The magic of the Turn it around tree at 66 Stanley Road , Bootle .


starting a conversation ...

JAMS director introduced to Lord May

The work in the community allows for positive networking opportunities ..in this case I was able to introduce Dee Mc Dermot to Gary railway apprenticeship training development opportunities for young Liverpool learners.

Christmas celebration

Wearing and sharing red hats ...

KOMARU Outdoors

A must do for children, teens and adults . great nature day with superb teaching

Bootle lads cooking sessions

See the concentration on the faces of the young people...?

Fish pie

Three kinds of fish ... very tasty too .. young mechanics enjoy time out to feed their peers.

Sophie., Jess and Jon

Taking their first steps into group work teaching , time for Debra to step back and allow the teens to support the juniors from bootle .

Introducing yoga to teens

Thanks to Lari Hutton Yoga/Meditation teachings for her gift of time to bootle teens .

smoothie making

Introducing simple fruit and milk drinks to children in the park .

Reassuring talk

Youth worker Paula takes time out to reassure the boy of the safety mechanisms in climbing...

Awesome walls climbing

supporting courageous climbing with junior boys ...

friendship groups

Small group work , focused around team working nurtures positive friendships. the smaller the group number the greater quality attention the younger children receive . This makes for an enriching experience.

young people encouraged to feedback

An important aspect of the work , finding ways to encourage young people to express themselves.

Magic in the Box

Mindful creations ... making magic in a box .. holds concentration for hours .

Introducing owls to Bootle Youth

Turn it Around Creatives Summer school 2014 hosted at 2 Blackburn Place. Promoting kindness to creatures.


Half term badge making workshop

Powerhouse connection

Following up contacts made at The Powerhouse Youth Housing Initiative , mentoring sessions took place in city based Quarter Cafe .

Yoga for teens and children

Turn it Around Creatives Summer School hosted at 2 Blackburn Place. Yoga and mindfulness with our wonderful Associate Lari Hutton

Encouraging creativity through drama

Thanks to Zoe Vaux for her workshops .

The Umbrella Project

Summer School workshop with Eimear Kavannagh... The teenage girls from Bootle enjoyed a photo shoot with their creations .

Hand painted umbrellas

Exploring self care , and the symbolism attached to the umberella .. Thanks to Eimear Kavannagh for her creative workshops

Art Workshop October 2014

This time using MPACs well resourced Art Studio we had teens supporting juniors with their creative ideas.

Christmas at Bootle Cricket Club

Unexpected encounters with lovely brothers .

Christmas holiday break 2014

Workshop supported by Lari, Jackie and Keighley , Bootle Youth made their own Christmas gifts.

Bespoke art workshops

Young people often respond well to small group work learning.

Bootle lad -develops mentor skills

Here a teen steps up to the role of Peer Mentor in the kitchen . food making is much enjoyed by teens and children .

Cooking session at Beseech

Turn it Around CIC Commissioned Happy Go Cooking CIC to inspire young learners at Basetech .

South Park Bootle

Working from the park hut when premises were too expensive , we mad great connections at our Pop Up cafe

Rydal Boxing Gym

Founder of Turn it around CIC -Debra's work began here1988-2004 . Now Rob Butler runs a very fine character building boxing gym here.

Komaru Outdoors

summer 2015 saw many trips to this great project in Knowsley Safari Park. Director Nick Lynch and partner Hillery Berg will inspire inner city young people with their great camp hospitality and Nick's vast knowledge of survival in natures own setting.

Kirkdale lads in Komaru Outdoors

Working with inner city teens , taking them from the streets to fun learning in the area Outdoors... So much laughter

Cooks in boots

2014 Turn it Around team Debra ,Jason and Dob took healthy cooking sessions to Basetech -Young Mechanics Training Centre. Healthy eating helps young learners digest better :)

Peer Mentor Keighley supports egg cr

Somethings seems easier than they look. separating an egg yolk from the egg white was made easier with step by step guidance from co-founder and Peer Mentor Keo.

fruit Smoothie and veggie juices

Nothing tastes so good as fresh produce, the young men were very impressed with the range of healthy options.

Healthy Breakfast Saturday mornings

Young Teens Chloe and Sophie were inspirational Peer Mentors , supporting their younger siblings in the preparation of healthy breakfasts. Thanks to Eimear Kavanagh for her wonderful Saturday morning project at queens Rd Neighbourhood Centre .

menu Planning on group dinner evenin

Working with young adults in fun ways. Taking teens out to Kimos in the city centre. A great way to introduce new tastes, new food ideas, and plan a programme while dining :)

central meeting point

Turn it Around Mentors meet with young people outside Adelphi Hotel encouraging independence and confidence.

Detached youth working

Working on the streets , where young people are at, is a way to engage and build trust .

Litter Picking in South park

At the end of each park session we would hold a simple activity that engaged juniors and some teens, whilst encouraging discussion around their community environment.

pYoung Mentor Jamie at Park Hut

Helping and willing Peer Mentors, Jamie and his friend Jamie spent a day preparing our Park Rangers Hut for summer pop up cafe 2014.

Craft project

Teens and juniors find arts and crafts very engaging. These sessions create a sense of calm, develop skills and promote expression.

Mindful eating

Taking time with young people to rethink eating and taste, smell , touch, see listen :)) Here the boys were mindfully eating plums .

clay making in South Park

Utilising the tiny space around the Park Rangers Hut , 2014, we enjoyed summer music and craft sessions with local young people.

Sefton Park Ranger Ian Collins

Thanks to Ian Collins, who entered into the spirit of partnership working summer 2014.

Strategic Planning

The work doesn't happen without planning and preparation, Debra and Helen working in south Park Rangers Hut ... 2014

Inspiring a young tailor in the maki

A Bootle boy takes to sewing like a duck to water ... he was inspired to make his own football shorts . Thanks to the wonderful Libby Mackay for her calm creativity.

Bottle boy masters a sewing machine

A truly unexpected experience both for mentors and the young people. This lovely lad took charge of this piece of machinery. We may have inspired his future employment choices.

Veggie Juices in the classroom

Young Mechanics, in their classroom test out the healthy drinks prepared by their peers.


Young men experimented with verge juice making ... some where tasty , some not so good .... here the lads shared them in shot glasses ..

Turn it around with Happy Go Cooking

Working in partnership at Beseech , Turn it Around commissioned Sky Anderson Glover at Happy Go Cooking -Great mentoring, top quality results.

Sibling mentoring

Mentoring has many benefits as do small group projects This is a snapshot of a sewing project supported by Libby Mackay brought out the very best in sibling co-operation.


Did you know most teenagers hate to display their feet .. brave young lads attempting their first yoga class with Debra and Lari Hutton

Yoga challenge

Yoga programme was introduced to 16-18 year old lads in Crosby .. Railway Apprenticeship Director Dee McDermot of REAL House commented that our sessions made a difference helping her learners to 'chill out'

Young mens first yoga class

Respect to the lads for their bravery and testing out a new physical experience . Yoga and Meditation by Lari Hutton.


These young trainees took to yoga like ducks to water ... young railway apprentices....


We are currently collating and gathering feedback from young people